Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Technology Is Not The Devil

     In 1492 when old Chris Columbus set out on his quest, he found much more than he bargained for and he started a march to a new world.  Since that time we have come to intimately know virtually every corner of our new world.
     Using the word virtually was my way of segwaying (I don't think that's a word but you get the point) into a whole new virtual world that sits before us.  The digital age we are in holds amazing possibilities but like everything else positive in this world, there is a negative side as well.  While technology has brought with it some amazing advances in so many areas of our lives it has also brought forth evils and problems we have never seen before.
     Anonymity on the web has emboldened those with extreme views which has unfortunately allowed them to garner support and supporters from so many who don't bother to think things through.  People openly speak out against God, home, family, and everything we generally hold dear in our lives.  We have to worry about our personal information getting into the wrong hands.  We have to worry about our physical safety which alone forces many of us into anonymity.  We have to worry about our children's safety.  There is reason for concern in so many areas.
     So what is the answer?   Well, let's start with this.  Jesus said, "Why are you trying to remove a speck from your brother's eye when you have a log in your own eye?  Remove the log from your own eye so you may see better to remove the speck from your brother's eye."  My Grandma  said it a bit different.  She said, "Before you get involved, sweep your own back porch first."  The point is we must look after ourselves first.  Make sure we are right with God and doing His will.  I hate to point this out but there are many weak willed people in the world who are easily swayed and easily confused.  Unfortunately many of these people come into contact with those who have chosen the wrong path and they become willing followers.  Our fervent hope should be that we could be a shining example for at least some of these people and help to steer them in the right direction and we can only do that with God's help.
     An excellent starting place is prayer.  I recently heard my 10 year old grand daughter praying before bed one night.  She said, "Thank you God for helping me to believe in you and please keep helping me for the rest of my life."  This is something she came up with on her own and it made me think how important it is that we constantly put our faith in God to make sure we do the right thing.  It's a simple fact that if you are making yourself constantly aware of God's presence in your life it really is hard to do something you should not do.  Guess what!  By doing just that you have become that shining example I mentioned earlier.  Continuing on that path and reaping the rewards that path will give you will make people notice.  It will also make them question why and how.  You will know how to answer their questions because getting to that point has been with God's guidance and that guidance will not simply stop at that point.
     I must enter here a note of caution, however.  Do not be dismayed if someone who asks does not stay.  It's not logical to think we can turn around every person we meet.  Keep in mind when this happens that you have not failed as there will be many successes down the road.  Keep walking that straight road.
     How does this all tie in with technology, the digital age, the internet, and all that entails.  Obviously, unless you are a hermit living off the grid in a mountain cabin, you are going to come in contact with technology.  Whether it is using a credit/debit card for a purchase, having a doorbell camera, using Facebook or Instagram, or just surfing the web. Technology is everywhere.  Use it all in the right way and without denigrating others in any way.  There is a book entitled "God Is My Copilot".  I prefer to think God is my pilot and with Him in charge, it is much harder to stray.

My Love and prayers for you all,
Brother David