Sunday, February 26, 2017

Use a Hero to Stop the Bickering

Just a word or two....

When we are small, the main direction we look is up.  Life seems at its best at any age if there is something positive to see when we look up.  As humans, we need something or someone at which to look up.  We need heroes.
When most people think about a hero, they think about the soldier who risked his life to save 6 of his men or the fire fighter who entered the blazing building and brought out a child who was trapped by the blaze.  While these are truly remarkable heroes, heroes in general are not in short supply.
It is easy to see the heroine in the mother who carts her children to school and social functions day in and day out.  You can see the hero in the man who takes his kids fishing on a Saturday morning even if he knows nothing about fishing.  It is the friend who found out you were having a health problem and called to check on you.  While contemplating these things, it occurred to me that heroes are everywhere around us and need to be loved and revered as such.
     There is so much division in our country right now and dissension seems to be the norm.  We seem to be defining people by singular opinions with which we disagree.  Surely there has never been any one thing since the dawn of mankind in which everyone was in agreement.  Why is it that we can no longer sit together over a cup of coffee and enjoy each others company and the similarities we share rather than accentuating the differences and allowing those differences to push us apart and create animosity?
     Maybe we need to recognize the hero that dwells within each of us.  That could be an exercise that would allow us to return to the teachings of Jesus in which He told us to love one another.  We simply must find some common ground and stop all this bickering.