Tuesday, July 19, 2016


     I keep vainly searching my head for some type of way to soften the way I say this but I fear it will still be harsh.   Too many folks have attitudes that cause then to be in direct conflict with Jesus' pronouncement of the second most important commandment which is to love one another.  I have and am seeing this attitude in every direction around me and it would seem to be in every aspect of our society.
     Some of the things I have heard:
1.   A Man with a masters degree is overheard joking about the uneducated ignorant farmers in the area.

2.  This same man was later heard disparaging the intelligence of the man he paid 200 bucks to unstop his sewer line.

3.  A women entering a restaurant is over heard saying she was never hard up or stupid enough to have to be a waitress.

4. An owner of a local business says he only hires stupid people because he can get away with only paying them minimum wage.

5.  A black business owner says he only hires white people because he can't trust black people as they all steal from him.

6.  A man paying a contractor to do some remodeling work on his house was heard talking about what a crook the contractor was but he was watching him closely.

7.  A woman who I know has wrecked a great many vehicles complains because no one else on the road knows how to drive.

     These are just a few of the situations I have heard for myself in my sleepy little southern corner of this country.  When you factor in the shootings of police officers as well as the devastating attack on the nightclub in Orlando, the daily confrontations between all types of factions nationwide and even worldwide, our situation is dire indeed.
     Simply put, attitudes must change.  Folks must stop thinking of themselves as better than those around them.  We must understand that "love thy neighbor as thyself" starts with your attitude toward yourself and is best when tempered with a bit of humility.  If you regard someone with disdain because they don't quite reach your formal education level or because they are a different color or culture or any one of a myriad of reasons, you are not following Jesus's directive on love.  I understand the temptation to rile yourself against others when we are whipped into a frenzy by the media or even others on social media.  Then again, those temptations that challenge your attitude also threaten your relationship with God.  We must strive to control those feelings and even pray for God's help in doing so.  Christianity is in a spiraling decline in our country and I believe these attitudes are a direct result of that decline.

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