Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Brief Continuation of "Attitudes"

     Of the time I spend surfing around on the internet, the vast majority is spent reading news stories from all over the world.   I even occasionally run across items like "Dear Abby".  After reading one of those articles just now, I had to make a comment here.  A young woman who wrote to Abby was distraught because she and her two children had been ostracized by her aunts and uncles.  These are the brothers and sisters of her deceased parents.  She explained how they were all devout Christians and could not abide the fact that she had given birth to 2 children out of wedlock.  Their attitude seems to fit right in with what I have written here in several articles.  I simply find it personally dumbfounding that these people can be so prejudiced and judgemental and still call themselves Christians.  This is truly a good example of why Christianity is in decline for the first time in history.  It is another case of folks trying to live by the old and new testaments and I offer this example up as yet another reason this can not and should not be done.  Once again I will say as plainly as I know how, "God's covenant with us as Christians is found in the New Testament and NOT the old Testament."  If I could somehow convince people to practice their Christianity based solely on the New Testament, which I honestly believe is the way it should be, so many of the problems we face today would simply melt away into nothingness.  Old prejudices would dissolve and be replaced with love.  The anger people feel for those who believe differently from themselves would be replaced with empathy and understanding.  Minds filled with hatred would be tempered and consoled and God's love would show them there is NO NEED TO HATE!  God wants us to love.  Love Him and love each other.
     The "religious" folk in our world are so caught up in the idea that all of the Bible is to be considered a holy book they have become frightened by the prospect of not adhering to every word of it which is creating problems rather than teaching us what God truly wants from us.  People were appalled when I took a Bible and ripped it in half separating the testaments.  I have read and studied the old testament just as I have the new testament.  I don't recommend everyone do that because it can simply be too confusing.  Again, I implore all those who read this to please remember, as a Christian, the basis for your covenant with God is found ONLY in the New Testament which is why it was written and put in book form to begin with.  May God bless you all with His love and may you bless those around you with your love.

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