Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Childhood Friend Goes To God

     When I was a child, my best friend was a girl who lived across the street from me.  I can still remember the endless days Janet and I spent together in childhood games.  We rode our bikes, jumped on pogo sticks, and climbed trees together.  As we aged and became young adults, we remained friends and consulted with each other as we prepared for adulthood.  Although she was a year younger, I always respected her for her wisdom as well as her loving heart and I always felt honored to call her a friend.
     As time and circumstance would have it, Janet and I drifted apart and sadly it has been almost 45 years since I last saw her.  She became a teacher for young children and was loved by one and all.  From what I hear now, she never lost that beautiful heart of hers.  She entered her retirement less than a year ago and spent most of her time showing that heart to all those around her.  Sadly, four days ago on the 16th of March, that heart gave out and she left this world.  My greatest regret is the space and time that came between us but I am consoled by the fact that she was a wonderful person who no doubt will now be in God's house for all of eternity.  I will see her again and I expect to shed tears of joy at that reunion.  Until then my dear friend Janet, I will miss you.

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