Thursday, February 11, 2016

God, the Undeniable Logic

     It seems to me it's all about logic.  For years scientist worked around the theory there was a big bang and all of a sudden things that weren't all of a sudden were.  Logically they could not understand how everything fit together so perfectly.  Slowly they have come to understand, because of the pure logic in the way everything is put together, there must have been some type of intelligent design.  Because many are still afraid of that all powerful three letter word, God, they use the term "intelligent design".   It seems to me, simply because of the vast perplexities and complexities of the universe, maybe they should say "intelligent designer".  How vast and all knowing must be that designer.  How godlike......wait!  Maybe it is God.
     In my mind, I keep coming back to the logic of all of this.  God has created everything so perfectly and with such ease.  He created man to be his companion and in His desire to have willing companions he logically gave us free will.  As logic would have it, not all of His creations have embraced the idea of being His companion.  Also, many who did, did not follow His example and approach Him logically. This is the basis for what I have tried to say before.
     Love is logical.  He who has no love has misery.  God did not create us to be miserable.  For us to be His companions, that would not have been logical.  It stands to reason (another way of saying "Its logical") for us to show love brings us love from others and this makes us feel complete and happy.  In a nutshell, this just proves my point that love is logical.
     It makes sense to me that in God's giving of free will, he also gave us emotions.  Unfortunately, some of us do not handle those emotions very well.  What I'm saying is that sometimes we let our emotions confuse us and all too often we allow emotion to steer us down the wrong path.  The Christian crusades would be a glaring example of this.  Rather than understand God's love for what it was, there were those who wanted to force those who did not believe into compliance.  Those who refused to believe were killed.  I'm pretty sure there emotions had them so tied up they could not even remember the basic commandments God gave us which included "Thou shall not kill".  There are still legions of those who believe we must all believe as they believe.  My question to all of them is simply, "Where's the love?"
     I equate all of this with my lack of understanding of many of the beliefs that many do hold so dear.  So many of those beliefs simply are not logical.  As I have expressed in previous writings, it does not seem logical to me that God would create us, His children, tell us and show us His love in so many ways and then send us to eternal torment if we are not perfect.   Hell for His children just is not logical.  Likewise, there are many things written in our Bible that also are not logical.  Please don't misunderstand.  I believe The Bible is a wonderful book filled with many examples of God's love.  I also think we must look at this book logically.  Jesus said the greatest two commandments were to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and to love your neighbor as you love yourself.  Keeping those two things first and foremost in your mind as you read The Bible will quickly make you wonder how you can reconcile those two commandments with many things you read.  My advice to all is to try to do just that.  Many things may become clear for you as you read while concentrating on His love and the love you have for others.
     I recently had a minister (denomination intentionally withheld) tell me if it weren't for people's emotions and his abilities to touch those emotions, he would have no one in his church.  My contention is if ministers would explain the undeniable logic behind God and His creations, the churches would be overflowing.  Simply put, God is undeniable as is His logic.  Why then must we add to what we know is logically true?  Why do we add illogical fears to our teachings other than to frighten people into believing our way?  Why not just tell the truth and let that truth be a pure path to God?  Why should the ministers feel as if they are in control when logically we all should understand it is God who is in control and we should get our answers from Him?
     Here is the path I feel we should all be on.  PRAY!  Open your hearts and your minds to God and talk to Him.  He wants to hear you and He wants to talk to you but you must open your minds as well as your hearts.  Our minds are much more logical than our hearts and if we simply see and understand His logic, it is indeed undeniable.