Monday, October 19, 2015

Spreading the News of God's Love

     Many of the readers here are aware of the fact that a bit more than a year ago, I suffered a mild stroke.  While my recovery has been nothing short of remarkable, there have been some residual issues.  My energy level, for one, has not been what it once was.  As a consequence, I have not been able to be out and about as much as I would like.  God has shown me He is still in my life and I have been pleased to find out that almost every time I do go out, He puts someone in my path who needs His love. 
     Just the other day, I went with my family to a store in a neighboring city.  I grew tired in the store after a short while and went to a place next door that sold coffee and had seats outside.  I prefer the seats outside if the weather is pleasant.  While sitting there, a gentleman walked up to where I was sitting and simply said hello.  Of course I returned his greeting and asked him to have a seat as he looked tired.  He sat down and began to tell me of his problems.  He had lost his job a while back and his inability to find work had caused a rift between him and his wife.  They separated which also separated him from his teenage daughter.  He confessed to depression so great he was having trouble even thinking about employment.  All he could think about was his wife and daughter. 
     After listening to him for a while, I asked him if he believed in God.  He did not answer definitively but rather with almost a sense of sorrow.  He told me he really wanted to believe but had been told so many times unless he lived a certain way, he was condemned to Hell.  He was crying as he relayed this to me.  I told him he was truly one of God's children and I gave him a guarantee that he would not go to Hell.  (To you the reader, if you do not understand this, read the entries before this one.)  I explained most of what I have written here to him and explained that giving his life to God would not guarantee the circumstances of his life would be better but he would no longer be alone.  For this reason alone, I assured him his depression would be lifted and he would begin to see life as the gift it was meant to be.  He asked me if I would pray with him and in doing so give him some idea how to go about talking to God.  I prayed for about 5 minutes I guess and then paused.  He began to pray in such a sweet and innocent way I was brought to tears.  After the prayers, he rose and held out his hands to me.  We embraced and he thanked me for what he said was the greatest understanding of his life.  He told me he knew God had led him to talk to me and then he walked away.  It took me several minutes to compose myself and I said a prayer of thanksgiving for that wonderful encounter and opportunity God had placed before me. 
     There was another trip as well that I took with my family to a family fun center.  As usual, after a while I grew weary, procured myself a soft drink and sat outside in a little patio area to rest.  I was approached by 3 people while I sat there who were seeking spiritual guidance.  With all three there was relief in them as I explained God's love to them. With all three there was prayer.  With all three there were hugs and tearful goodbyes.
     Truly God continues to bless me with these encounters each time I leave my home.  I find myself putting a much greater effort into improving my health so I can go out more often.  I am sure there will be many more as He guides me in spreading this news.

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