Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oh! I am excited!!

     It was the eve of Easter in 1989 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.  I had a good neighbor tell my wife that she need not to worry as I would calm down in time and not take being saved so seriously.  I don't think there has ever been anyone in my life who I have been so glad to prove wrong.  Like any struggling Christian, I have certainly had my ups and downs but the pure joy I felt on that day has never left me.  It has sustained and comforted me through tremendous hardships.  I even went through a period when I was angry with God.  Through it all, I knew in my heart God was with me and comfort was but a prayer away.  He has never forsaken me and He never will.
     I am human and I do still get frustrated sometimes.  Here is an example that should sit you up in your chair.  As you know, I am preparing for my mission trip.  I have converted my work van into a small livable camper that will suit me and my puppy just fine.  Last Friday, a light connected somehow to my overdrive started flashing and my transmission started skipping.  I know nothing about transmissions other than they are expensive to repair.  I got on the internet and googled my trucks symptoms.  Everything I read pointed to having to replace the transmission or either have this one rebuilt.   The estimated cost looked to be around $2500.  I was devastated.  For three days I was devastated and I forgot (just for 3 days) which way to turn.  On Sunday afternoon after church (I'm pretty sure it was church that slapped some sense into me) I got down on my knees and prayed.  I praised God and apologized to Him for my lapse.  I told Him I was building this ark to go on this mission for Him but I could not afford to replace that transmission.  I thanked Him for His help and let Him know that I would accept whatever His will might be.  If the trip was meant to be, I knew He would once again step in and handle the problems.  Well, guess what.  I got in that truck Monday morning and drove it.  The light was off and the transmission was as smooth as silk.  I have driven it extensively since and it drives like a brand new truck. 
     I also discovered Monday that my mission has already started.  I went to Publix to get the last few groceries I'm going to need for the trip.  When I came out a family of folks were standing behind my van looking at the "Know Our Lord" sign.  I gave them cards with the web address and invited them to follow my journey on the site.  We prayed together and parted ways with smiles, hugs, and blessings.
     For those of you who are following that don't go to my church, I attend Kings Pasture Cowboy Church at 6870 US 17  not too far out of Kingsland, Ga., headed toward Woodbine.  I will have the van there on this coming Sunday for anyone who would like a tour.  Please come by and join us.  Fellowship time starts at 10 and the service starts at 11.  This will probably be my last Sunday at the church for a while as I am leaving next week on my mission trip.  May God bless you all and I love you dearly.  2 Corinthians 13:14  The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God,and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

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