Friday, March 27, 2015

Love Not Hate

     The day started out wonderfully.  It was a bit chilly and I broke down and went to Waffle House for breakfast.  God bless McDonald's and the wonderful employees I have met there but the stomach can only take so much McDonald's food...ha ha ha.
     I have a recording on my phone of my granddaughter Eve saying the blessing.  As has become my habit, I bowed my head and played it when my breakfast arrived at Waffle House.  When I finished, a woman at the next table called out to me and when I looked at her she had tears running down her face.  She told me that was the sweetest and most beautiful thing she had ever heard.  She wanted to know more about that "angelic" voice.  I explained to her who it was and why I played it.  She told me her food had not come yet and asked if I would pray for her when it did and would I mind playing Eve's blessing as well.  It was a beautiful moment that seemed to change the atmosphere throughout the restaurant.  After eating, I left feeling so blessed and OH YEA, I almost forgot to tell you about the brand new blower in my van that was blowing heat in my face...ha ha ha.  God is good, all the time.
     After several hours of driving, I felt compelled to stop and pulled in to what appeared to be a small country church.  The rest of that story is a surprise and I guess you could say I caught video fever.  A couple of events transpired that compelled me to find a spot of serenity and make another video.  It involves a little confrontation with a minister, being called a heretic, and then getting mad at the radio.   Where I was, making the video, and prayer calmed me and allowed me to continue.  A link to the video is below.  Bear in mind I'm still learning so the video quality is not professional but it was done to the glory of our Father in Heaven.
     As for the rest of the day, I made it to Biloxi, Mississippi, and was given the opportunity for providing supper and some other essentials for a homeless couple.  It was desert on this beautiful day God has provided.  Being His instrument is such a blessing, such a joy.
Here is the link to that video.  Just click HERE.

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