Thursday, March 19, 2015

Instruments of God

     Sometimes I think we have a tendency, because we are so close, to take our family members for granted.  I believe it is because we love them and we also expect them to love us.  We expect that love on good days as well as bad days.  The sad truth is sometimes our family lets us down and sometimes we let our family members down.  The glorious truth is sometimes just the reverse happens.  Such has just happened to me.  If you read my last entry, you know about my computer.  Today, my daughter, Julie, took care of that problem and presented me with a new computer.  I can't help but equate this a bit with the poor widow who gave two mites at the synagogue.  I know she can't afford this but she did it anyway and with a pure heart.   She was convinced God did not want me on my trip without being able to update (or testify if you will) as to what and who I encounter.  I praise and thank God for the wonderful daughter He has given me and I thank her for her love and her caring.  She is so much more than I deserve.
     As for the trip, all is well and I am planning on leaving tomorrow morning around 10AM.  I still have much to do so this is a short update but I had to let everyone know about Julie and my computer.  I would ask all of you to pray for her and John, her husband, to be safe while I am gone.  I'm sure not much time will go by between times when I touch base with them but prayer never hurts.
      Look to hear from me soon as I am sure I will light somewhere soon and I will be anxious to give you the details.  My love to you all.

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