Thursday, March 26, 2015

God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

      Before I started this brief update I went to my knees and prayed. It was a prayer of thanksgiving and praise. It was a prayer declaring my love for my Father in Heaven. It was a prayer during which I lost all concept of the passing of time for I was truly engulfed in the love of my Father.
      Before this, I was not having a good day. I was close to the gulf in Alabama and the traffic was atrocious. Temporarily I thought maybe I had lost my way. My drivers side door no longer functions and my AC blower finally went out for good. I seemed to almost go into a trance as my van headed north away from the water and traffic. Before I even knew where I was, I had traveled well inland and was sitting in my van behind yet another McDonald's. I seemed to be dazed as I went into the restaurant, got some coffee, and opened up my e-mail. There were no messages so I packed up my laptop and headed back to the van to walk Baxter, my puppy. While walking Baxter I ran into and began talking to a couple of employees who were outside taking a break. They were very sweet people and were very receptive and inquisitive when I told them who I was and about my mission. After a short while, another young fellow came up. He was there just to see his old friends he used to work with as he was a former McDonald's employee. He had left to pursue his passion of becoming an auto mechanic. When we were introduced, he told me what he was doing. He also was quick to point out that he is a Christian and asked point blank how he could be of service to me. As it is now planned, I will pick up a blower from a parts store tomorrow and he will meet me after his work and install it at no charge. He told me he did not have much experience as far as the door is concerned but he felt with God's help he may also be able to help with that.
Now you know why I went to my knees and we now know why God led me here. So tomorrow I will spend some time doing some chores. I'll clean my truck, wash some clothes, get a blower, play with my puppy, and most of all GIVE THANKS TO MY LORD.   God is truly good All the time.

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Julie Sanders said...

You had to go North eventually. :)

The Lord never ceases to amaze those that put their faith in him. It's clear you are exactly where you need to be.

Love You!