Monday, March 23, 2015

A Little Rest For An Old Man

     Yesterday, after I stopped in Marianna, I spent most of the rest of the day inside with Baxter mainly because or the tremendous rain storm.  Around 10:00 last night it cleared up and being pretty well rested, Baxter and I went for a walk.  Not many people were up and moving around but I did notice an RV in the parking lot with me (big enough to eat 3 of my vans for breakfast) parked somewhat askew.  I met the young lady who was driving it and she was very nice and very broken down.  We set a time for the next morning to try to get her started and on the way and after much ado, I at least got her started so she could get to a mechanic.  I felt she was in good hands then so I bid her goodbye and hit the road.  She is quite the artist as I viewed her site.  It certainly deserves mention on this lowly blog...ha ha ha.
     After leaving Elisha and Marianna, God pointed me south.  I'm not sure why as it turned out to be the least pleasant leg of my journey yet.  I made it to Panama City and guess what.  So did what seems to be about a million college students on spring break.  To be honest, I really just kind of ducked my head and kept going.  I felt no need to stop so maybe what He has in store for me still lies ahead.  I feel better having put Panama City in my rear view mirror.   YIKES!!!! 
More soon...Blessings and love to you all.

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Elisha said...


I've been thinking about you and I have just gotten a chance to check out your site!

It was so nice meeting you and spending the day together. By the time you left I felt like I had spent the day with a life long friend. I hope God has lead you to a great new place (I'm sure he has, he seems to know what he is doing.)