Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Day of Fellowship

Hello All,
     Today turned into a beautiful day of fellowship.  Early this morning I found myself in the small gulf community of  Pass Christian, Mississippi.  All the beaches I have passed so far have had signs saying "NO DOGS".  Some of you may already know I have a vest/backpack for Baxter and a "SERVICE DOG" pin.  I have been reluctant to use it but today I could stand it no more.  Baxter just had to go to the beach.  I love this silly dog so much.  He got excited when he saw me pull out his backpack.  He seems to like to wear it.  I think he feels important.  Anyway, all dressed we headed for the beach.  Within 5 minutes a young man came up with his black Lab puppy.  He was a local who told me the police do not enforce the no dogs policy there at Pass Christian.  His puppy and Baxter got along great as did the young man and I.  Before I had made any self introduction, he asked me if I was a Christian.  He had seen my cross hanging around my neck.  I pointed to my van and told him why I was there.  I found him to be very like-minded with me.  He said he prays every morning for God to fill his heart with love.  We talked for almost an hour about the joy that God brings us then parted with a prayer and a hug. 
      As for Baxter, he loved the puppy but he was not impressed with the water.  About 10 feet away was as close as he was going and he is way toO heavy and obnoxious to drag....ha ha ha  (picture below)
      I drove a little further down the beach and came across a monstrous pier that allowed cars to drive out.  It was very chilly so I was glad for the protection, however, I was not destined to stay in the van.  There was a family of 5 fishing, crabbing, and shrimping from the pier.  As is my way, I walked up and asked if they had caught our lunch yet.  The father let me know they had just started but please be sure and stick around as he assured me lunch would be amazing.   This was quite a different comeback from what I usually get when I ask that question.  They, also, were Christians and as it turned out, lived less than a block away and a lunch of steamed oysters was already in the plan.  We talked for a couple of hours relating stories of how God was working in our lives.  Dad and his son then piled in the van as the mom and 2 daughters walked (not my choice) to their house.  Lunch was great and so much sweeter for the fellowship.  I was a little sad to leave them when I felt it was time to go.  Wonderful people! Wonderful time!  Praise the Lord!!
     After that I drove for a while and have now stopped on the outskirts of New Orleans.  I will wait for the morning to enter this strange city.  I have been warned by quite a few people about the crime rate there so tonight I will arm myself with prayer and cloak myself in the armor of God.  It may seem a little strange but I am not in the least apprehensive.   I will fear no evil for God is with me.
     God bless you all and thank you for your prayers.

This is Baxter on the beach with his heels dug in.  He was not going one step closer to that water...ha ha ha.

This is my van way out on that pier.  If you look close you can see Baxter's head.  He would look out but I don't believe I could have blown him out of that van with dynamite.  TOO MUCH WATER!!!  I do love this silly  I meant DOG!!!! 

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